Advanced History

Illenia, The First Kingdom


Illenia was founded in about the year AC -130. It was founded by refugees who were fleeing from the Corvis Empire. They brought with them a great deal of the knowledge, art, and culture that had been suppressed under the power of the Empire. When the refugees landed on the northern shore they encountered the Kordmen. The Kords had apparently came to this part of the continent about 500 years before to escape Xoas the Terrible. The Kords were primitive by comparison, but they were ruled by a group of wizards called the Witch Kings, who ruled with an iron fist, unspeakable, cruelty, and dark magic.

The Illenians were able to push the Kords back from the valley south of the Red Mountains. And into the Hellsong Forest.

For the next 100 years the fledgling kingdom grew, prospered, and flourished. Cities were built and a capital was established. It was during this time, at the peak of early Illenian power, that a cultural movement started calling for the destruction of the Corvis Empire. A Crusade was called and ships were sent to Strahd intent on crushing the Empire. The invasion was crushed at the shores.

The enraged Emperor sent his fleet back to the northern shore to bring the Illenians back in chains. The emperors ships ravaged the northern coast attacking Illenian cities and Kord settlements alike. The Emperor became fascinated with Kord magic and ordered his sailors to bring back as much as they could. They brought back something else, werewolves.

These shape shifting monsters ran amuck throughout the empire without the might of the Witch Kings to keep them in check. They destabilized the empire to the point that it collapsed on itself, making Illenia the most powerful kingdom in the world.


During the downfall of the Empire, the prince Vlad Kilus, his family and a number of retainers tried to flee to Illenia. They were captured. A number of retainers were killed, Prince Vlad was to be executed, and his wife was to be sold into slavery by the Illenia king.

Prince Vlad was able to escape with his family and fled north into the Hellsong Forest.

AC 28. King Ansley kills his wife and announces his intentions to wed his niece Celino Couteau, who is 14 at the time. He has her brought to the castle as a virtual prisoner, prompting a rebellion against the king by Couteau House. During her captivity Celino kills the king during a dinner to celebrate the marriage. She is celebrated for killing what was thought of as a tyrant king. But there are many within the court that regard her and the Couteau House as traitors. As the capital is being ruled by the decadent nobles who had gained tremendous power under the Mad King, House Couteau and its allies lays siege to the city.

AC 29, After a year under siege the nobles make one last show of defiance as they hang Celino from the walls of the keep so that the soldiers below can watch her die. Rather than demoralize the tired invaders, the execution enrages them and they storm the gates.

Cynrico Couteau assumes the throne and has the nobles that defended the Mad King hung.

King Cynrico adopted the Almore Calendar.

AC 74, King Cynrico dies of old age. The crown passes to Erico Couteau, the Kings nephew by way of his brother Fericci.

The First House of Illenia
(130) – (108), King Bolton the 1st of House Soret
(108) – (64), King Humphrey the 1st of House Soret
(64) – (37), Queen Alissa the 1st of House Soret
(37) – 28, King Ansley the 1st of House Soret “The Mad Kings”
29 – 74. KIng Cynrico the 1st of house Couteau
74 – 104, King Erico Couteau the 1st of the house of Couteau

Almore and the Mantle of Kings


It would be impossible to understand the history of Lilistra without understanding the Kingdom and Empire of Almore. The Kingdom was started by King Vlad of the House of Kilus. A name so powerful that the people of the region now use it as their ethnic identity Kilusar.

After escaping the grasp of King Ansley in the year AC -5 Prince Kilus, his wife, and the small number of surviving retainers went into the Hellsong forest and directly into the territory of the Witch Kings of Kord.

The Witch Kings kept a large number of slaves. Prince Kilus was able to liberate a number of these slaves and encouraged rebellion among the others. This destabilized the region and allowed Prince Kilus to set us a base of power west of the forest.

Thus began the kingdom of Almore. Established on New Year’s Day, Prince Kilus was crowned king. The book of The New Gods established the official religion of the kingdom. The Mantle of Kings was signed, limiting the power of the king and creating a body of ruling nobles to keep the monarchy in check. Finally, the Almore calendar was established and year 1 began.

When it was first established the kingdom stretched from the Hellsong Forest to the western coast. It was the largest kingdom the world has ever seen.

AC 4, King Vlad I had one son, Edwin I.

AC 22, Prince Edwin I married and the same year sired Prince Vlad II.

AC 37, King Vlad I died in his castle, and Prince Edwin became king.

AC 40, As Torday raiders attack from the north and Kord gathers power, the cost of keeping the empire running is draining the treasury. Almore enters into a trade agreement with Illenia.

AC 47, Illenian influence within the court grows.

AC 50, King Edwin dies of fever. Prince Vlad II assumes the throne. That same year he marries an Almoreian noblewoman against the will of his advisors who were pushing for him to marry an Illenian noble.

AC 51, King Vlad II has a son, Samuel.

Ac 53, King Vlad II had a second son, Randal.

AC 71, Prince Samuel was killed battling the tribesmen of the Torday wilds.

AC 81, King Vlad II is assassinated in his castle during a failed coup. Prince Randal assumes the throne.

AC 85, King Randal marries the daughter of his father’s most trusted advisor, Cheshar.

AC 86, Almore sailors discovered and colonized the island of Elipsi.

AC 88, Cheshar gives birth to a daughter, Naya, but dies in childbirth.

AC 90. King Randal marries an Illenian noble woman.

AC 92, Elipsi mining operations bring unprecedented wealth into the kingdom, but at a high labor cost.

AC 94. Prince David was born

AC 96. Elipsi is attacked by raiding boats from Ravanoft. Almore sailors defend the islands in the largest naval battle up to that point in history.

AC 98. Prince Justice was born.

AC 106. Against the wishes of most of his advisors and at the risk of starting a war with Illenia, King Randal spit the kingdom of Almore. The region west of the Kings Wood known as the Horse Barons became the Kingdom of Falar.

AC 107, Kord invasion pushed far into the kingdom. Rather than let the warriors loot and pillage, King Randal met them in battle outside the walls of Castle Boarfell. He was killed, but he was able to kill the Kord Warlord and break the would be siege. 13 year old Prince David took over the throne.


AC 112, A second Kord invasion was met by King David. He turned back the invaders at the Battle of Riverwatch. Three days later King David died of wounds he sustained during the battle. Prince Justice assumed the throne.

AC 115, King Justice began an invasion of the Horse Barons, intent on retaking Falar, but was defeated.

AC 119, King Justice Married and produced an heir, Kable. But the young prince died of fever before his first birthday.

In the year 120, King Justice was killed while hunting boar in the Hellsong Forest, thus ending the line of Kilus.

The Line of Kilus
00 – 37, King Vlad 1st of the house of Kilus “Vlad the Great”
37 – 50, King Edwin 1st of the house of Kilus
50 – 81, King Vlad 2nd of the house of Kilus
81 – 107, King Randal 1st of the house of Kilus “Randal the Great”
107 – 112, King David 1st of the house of Kilus
112 – 120, King Justice 1st of the house of Kilus

Falar, The Horse Barrens
AC 106, the kingdom of Falar was formed by King Randal I of Almore for his daughter Naya to rule. While It is commonly held that love for his daughter and first wife was the reason the King annexed such a large part of the kingdom, that isn’t entirely the truth.

While it is true that Almore was gaining wealth through its mining operations in Elipsi, the kingdom was growing stagnant without trading partners, and relations with the Kordlands were openly hostile, and Illenia was cool at best. It is thought that King Randal’s hope was that Falar would grow into an economically viable ally. His wisdom was lost on subsequent generations.

AC 109, Craftsmen of the kingdom of Falar rediscovered the secrets of working with Veridium, a rare metal not seen since the era of the Five Tribes.

AC 115, Falar is invaded by Almore troops led by King Justice. The Almore are fought off at the battle of Wolfwater. A knight named Ser Terris Danlan was recognized as a hero of the battle and would go on to marry Queen Naya at New Year’s.

AC 119, Queen Naya gives birth to her only son. Trevor.

AC 129, Queen Naya dies. King Terris assumes the throne as Stewart until Trevor comes of age.

AC 137, King Trevor assumes the throne as king and names his father the “Lord Protector of the Realm.”

AC 140, Almore attacks Falar once again. This time Lord Protector Terris meets them at North Lake. He is initially successful in beating them back, but the Almore commander, Princess Kirsten Fidler leads a sneak attack during the night. Terris leads a small unit against the Almore force in order to give the rest of the army a chance to escape before he is cut down in battle.

AC 141. After spending the winter pillaging northern Falar, in the spring they move south and lay siege to White Stone Keep. The Siege is broken when reinforcements arrive from Lordly Hall. Princess Kristen is taken prisoner and the remainder of the army is cut down as they try to flee back to Almore. King Trevor, names Lord Stanmore Le Coz of Lordly Hall as the new Lord Protector. King Trevor becomes deeply depressed over the death of his father and becomes known as the Weeping King.

AC 142. King Trevor marries a Falar noblewoman named Carolina Witt. That same year she gives birth to a daughter Princess Carmen, but both the queen and the infant die during child birth. King Trevor secludes himself in his castle.

AC 144. King Trevor dies, cause of death is unknown but believed to be fever. The crown is passed to Raoul Le Coz of Lordly Keep.

House of Kilus
00 – 37, King Vlad 1st of the house of Kilus
37 – 50, King Edwin 1st of the house of Kilus
50 – 81, King Vlad 2nd of the house of Kilus
81 – 106, King Randal 1st of the house of Kilus
106 – 129, Queen Naya of the house of Kilus.
129 – 137, Steward Terris Danlan of the house of Danlan
137 – 144, King Trevor of the house of Kilus “The Weeping King”

Advanced History

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