Kingdom of Almore


It would be impossible to understand the current world of Lisistra without understanding the history of the kingdom of Almore.

Almore was established by King Vlad Kilus in the year 1744 of the Strahd Calender and in year 0 of the Almore Calender.

At that same time, the Mantel of Kings was signed by the Kilus which established the powers of the king and the nobility as well as the rights of the people and established the basic structure of the noble structure.

AC 7, Queen Demie gave birth to the king’s first son Samuel.

AC 10, Queen Demie gave birth to the king’s second son Randal.

AC 23, Prince Samuel was killed in a battle against the Torday tribesmen.

AC 32, King Kilus dies of fever and Prince Randal assumes the throne. In that same year, King Randal marries the daughter of one of his advisers. A young noble woman named Cheshar.

AC 35, King Randal had a daughter named Naya, but queen Cheshar died in childbirth.

AC 38, King Randal married a second wife who was an Illenian noble named Maeve
That same year Queen Maeve gave birth to Prince David.

AC 40, Queen Maeve gave birth to Prince Justice.

AC 45, King Randal splits his kingdom in two, creating the kingdom of Falar, and made Naya the heir to its throne.

Kingdom of Almore

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